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Hey dudes, look what i came to know.
i just copu pasted it from techtree:-

Dear Readers,
HORRORS OF SIFY VIZAG - A NEW LOW IN CUSTOMER CARE. Beware of Sify in Vizag. Here the service is run by a franchisee 'Vaishno Communications'. As is the habit of the obnoxious laid-back attitude of the person who work here in almost all the MNC brands, the same applies to Sify's functioning here. After getting sick & tired of making many complaints to their call centre- which I am sure not recorded or regsitered at all in the first place- I am constrained to use this blog to vent my anger. I am a hapless customer of Sify Broabdband. When I first applied for the connection, they promptly landed up near my doorstep to collect the money and then they dissappeared for a good 14 days despite my phone calls. Then they gave the connection and the very next day, the internet connection was gone. Just imagine when I got the internet back? After 27 days. Can you beat that? I mean are we living in some communist country? They are truly unashamed. They were indifferent to my outcry. Then, eventually they restored the connection and sent the monthly bill! and they gave me charity of 7 days paymnet waiver! I thought things would get normal. But I was wrong. Every Second Day the connection goes off. The longest period of Sify's continous connectivity was 4 days. That's it. The new trend is that when the connection is up and running, a guy from Sify would ring the bell and ask if the internet connection was okay. Once he leaves after 1 hour or so, the damn connection is off again. I can bet on this. Sify SUCKS big time. I don't know if the guys who are supposed to monitor these employees of the Franchisee are sleeping or just ignoring customers like us. Come festival time and the Sify Franchisee guys behave that it is their birth right NOT to attend to your complaint. Wait until the festival season is through! To top all this, when the payment date arrives, indicated by their client, when I call them to come and collect the payment, they don't and the connection gets expired and gets restored only after a day. If Vizag has to atleast match Pune, Coimbatore, Surat (Forget cities viz. Hyderabad etc. with such sick mentality - NO CHANCE), atleast, all of us vizagites should 'teach' these guys here a lesson or two and be PERSISTENT in getting things done. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS BUSINESSMAN OR A PERSON WHO NEED TO HAVE GOOD AND ALWAYS ON CONNECTIVITY, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR SIFY. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR COOL PRETTY SOON. YOU BETTER OPT FOR DATAONE FROM BSNL OR EVEN IQARA BROADBAND - IQARA GUYS ARE MUCH MUCH BETTER COMPARED TO SIFY. A VERY VERY ANOOYED CUSTOMER. IF ANY MEMBER OF SIFY MANAGEMENT IS READING THIS, MY SIFY ID IS globalex123. AS I HAVE MADE ENOUGH COMPLAINTS ALREADY OVER PHONE, I HAVE NO PATIENCE LEFT. THIS IS PERHAPS THE ONLY WAY TO ATLEAST SAVE OTHER GUYS FROM THE HORRORS OF YOUR SERVICE.

by **** r**dy from Visakhapatnam

original page:-

One question what THE GOVT OF INDIA or our horrable I&B minister doing??


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what you said is correct mama. same problem for me too. but in kakinada. this damn sify connection was lost from 8 january and till now i was not able to get connectivity :(

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