Sify Was Actually Great. Hello Airtel


Dec 22, 2005
Hi guys, I have been an occasional poster but regular visitor on this board. I had a Sify night unlimited plan for the last year or so and have just moved to Airtel 256 unlimited. Unlike most of you I have actually had on hindsight quite a good experience with Sify and even now I vaguely feel somehow disloyal for moving to Airtel for no particular reason at all.The maximum downtime I had was 3 days and maybe a total of 15 days over the last year and customer care was always fast to respond, sending an engineer or mailing and calling me on the phone. The best thing was I always got 32kB/s(bytes not bits) consistently and the connection was quite robust. I only come back home from work at 9-10pm and the night and weekend plan at 550 bucks pm is actually quite a deal. The question is why am I shifting. Honestly its unnecessary, and I think inspite of giving me fantastic service I 'm ditching them and this perhaps doesn't bode well for the smaller isps. You just feel better about Airtel, you hear good things about them and you are keen to try it out. This sub-forum has a lot of negative posts about Sify and justifiably for those who have had bad sevice from Sify but its also important for those of us who have had good service to report our experiences for the benefit of readers here. I hope this will be helpful. Ps: Using supersify with wine in Linux works great. PM if you need help on configuring this.


Aug 20, 2006
Sify has been reliable for me (in Chennai). I always get just under 32 KBps (256 kbps) as advertised. Only a few times (say 4-5) during heavy rain has there been a drop-off in speed that I noticed, and only on 3-4 occasions has there been a downtime, never longer than 10 hours at a stretch.What I hate about Sify is the login process. First of all, I think it's unnecessary. They've laid the cable to my house, surely anyone in my house has the right to use it. Second, they use the MAC address of the computer for authentification. If you have more than one computer or if you have a wireless router you have to spoof the MAC address. Apparently they don't know that it's possible to do that. Generally they seem quite clueless about security. To their credit, they do supply a linux client for login (and a java client for the Mac, which also works on linux). When they upgraded to version 3 on windows, it temporarily broke the linux login, but after I complained it was fixed in about 2 hours (they actually called me back).So overall I'm happy with their service. And for 800-something a month, I get unlimited download at night, and 150 MB/day download at other times. No other operator seems to offer anything close.But I'm now looking for something a bit faster (say 512 Kbps, but even 384 may do). Anyone know if Sify is planning to bring out such a thing? I am considering moving to BSNL for just this reason (I may retain Sify as a backup connection, even in that case).


Oct 29, 2004
never longer than 10 hours at a stretch[/b]

ooh nice.


Dec 19, 2004
Sify is pretty good in navi mumbai tooo .. down times are very less and quickly repaired on compliant


Dec 18, 2005
Nice to finally hear some people talking good abt sify. I live in Begumpet area of Hyderabad I have 256Kbps Pure Unlimited connection and i m quite satisfied with the service that sify provides. I usually get around 31 - 32 KBps while downloading thru HTTP and aroud 28 - 30 KBps using Bittorrent. Once i had a downtime that lasted around 10 hrs, apart from that i cant remember any issues with sify.

If you are from my area and interested in file sharing through Sify LAN then read my other post:

Plz post a reply, if you have the same ip range.


Dec 7, 2004

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