sify guard pls someone.. :-)


Jan 30, 2006
so can someone PLEASE upload Sify Guard somewhere....or maybe email it to me. PLEASE biggrin.gif coz that cupidsystems site is down.

you know, i dont get this, why dosent sify support programs like these. searching for "internet usage monitor" yields many results of ISPs (foreign ones) who support 3rd party stuff.. i mean common if it helps the endusers (who are YOUR customers), why not??

this is one crazzy country. blink.gif !!!!!

un-limited means 150mb
broadband means 256kbps
login client is a crazy piece of software which does god all with your ports, internet .. and cant even perform basic loggin in a presentable manner. id love to meet the guy who made this one... hehehehe.
and i wont even go into how much of the speed one actually gets. (but to be honest i get 32k always. zero downtime in the last TWO MONTHS.. thats crazy and excellent perhaps thats why i aint bitching so much)

anyways. ... cheers.


Oct 6, 2005
Sorry, I dont have the software but I have some advice for you. If you have the option of not staying in this country then please exercise it. It's for your own good. You will find some very crazy things in this country and they will offend you even more if you're not an Indian. We have grown up kinda expecting crap from service providers so nobody will be surprised if tomorrow the ISPs decide to start charging for the cost of electricity in their LAN cable ;)


Senior Member
Apr 10, 2005
i think ctos are already charging that ! maintainance charges Rs. 150 per month.:(