Sify broadband in Goa

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Sify Broadband
Is anyone else having problems with Sify Broadband in Goa? Our connection was working fine until 8 days ago, when we found we couldn't get on line. Kept getting the error message BB101, cannot contact the gateway. Another message coming up is cannot communicate with the primary DNS server. We've made many calls to customer care but have now given up contacting them because they don't know what's going on and just say someone from the technical side will call us, but no one does. Among the stories we've been told in the past week are that ligthening struck the servers in Hyderabad, the Mumbai server is down, it's Diwali so we can't do anything (this from a company that advertises 24/7, 365 etc), and that it's a cabeling problem. We finally got hold of the local people (Sify and their engineer), I say finally because we kept being given wrong numbers! The Sify people have spent the past two days telling me that the problem is at our end as their connectivity is fine. Yesterday they told me I just needed to reinstall the network drivers - sorry but I'm not technically minded and don't know how to do this. Then today the engineer told me it's because the Broadband client doesn't work with Vista - odd because it was working two weeks ago. Also my network connection suggests the local connection from my laptop is OK. Again, not claiming any great technical expertise here but it does look like a Sify problem, not my PC. Finally today the Sify people admitted their might be a problem with the Margao mainframe. Any light shed on this would be appreciated. Also how do you go about getting compensation for this kind of performance?


i am an ex-sify user frm delhi n believe me u r going to get this famous sify error message bb101 many times.......during my couse i got this message 100's of times n each tym i had to call them again n again....this prob nvr got fixed permanently......i strongly recommend u 2 leave sify broadband... n 4get abt compensation frm sify broadband......