Should I port from Vodafone to Airtel postpaid


Apr 9, 2006
I have been currently using Vodafone for more than 7 years since the time it was known as Hutch in mumbai. I am quite happy with most of their services and attractive tariff plans the only problem I am facing right now is with their 3G network since the past one year from the time it was newly launched. They have very poor coverage and reception for 3G network in most of the places indoors. Infact even in my house in my room next to the window there is absolutely no 3G network it automatically switches on to EDGE...Their 3G network signals are dropping in most of the areas and I have been complaining since almost 2 months now but no action has been taken by them. This problem is being faced by many other vodafone customers as well where they find alot of 3G drop zones. I am using an iPhone 4 and for me 3G network is quite essential. I have tried airtel's 3G network on a prepaid sim card which I use on my galaxy tab 10.1...and the coverage and reception is simply superb..and in those places where vodafone 3G does not even catch network airtel is showing full/maximum coverage and signal strength. Infact it goes above 3G to HSPA+. Currently I am a little undecisive whether to port from vodafone to airtel because I do not know about the other regular calling services on call range and coverage area, tariff plans etc.I currently am on a very good tariff plan on vodafone and receive certain benefits from them as well like 10paisa/min to any 3 local vodafone numbers and also credit limit being quite high as I am a really old customer.I think between Vodafone and Airtel...people go in for vodafone only because of the brand name it has created worldwide so it stands at the first position followed by airtel in the second...I need some feedback from u guys as to whether I should shift to airtel or no and how is the regular 2G/GSM network for making and receiving calls?Any call drops or network problems..How is the network coverage compared to vodafone for local usage within Mumbai? and How is the overall customer service?I am planning to shift to airtel only because of their superior and excellent 3G coverage...which vodafone doesnt have at all and it seems uncertain as of now as to by when their 3G network coverage will improve


Nov 7, 2010
Get a temporary number, check the services for some time.Call quality and network and all.If you are satisfied, port out as your primary requirement is 3G which Vodafone is unable to fulfill.


Dec 22, 2008
to airtel! Ha Ha HaGo ahead-----face itl.