Shifting to Gurgaon. Considering Spectra.

Hi, So I need to shift to Gurgaon from Delhi in 2 weeks time, and I'm looking for places that already have Spectra's service available.
I have read this thread. All 9 pages and for now it seems like Spectra would be a good choice.
Currently, I'm using Excitel's 100Mbps plan and I think I could use more speed.
I recently upgraded my Laptop's SSHD to SATA III SSD so I don't get bottlenecked because of HDD's rotation speed.

What are your experiences with Spectra in Phase II and III?
That's where I need to relocate.

Will they reduce any installation charge if I question them about the uptime and guaranteed speed?
I doubt it though.

What about the peering and routing to France and Netherlands?
I need to transfer a lot of data back and forth from there.

How many households share 1Gbps or is it dedicated?
I remember when I had last spoken to their sales person for a plan in Delhi, he told me that 800Mbps is the max they could reach in their labs.

Any news on uptime?
@mayank yadav, @mgdelhi or @rodeoz could answer that?

What all societies have it?

and just like @Sushubh asked it too, do they provide static IP?
I would love a static IP.

More over, ipv6 yet?

On a side note. I know this is not the right place, but if anybody knows a single room for rent, fully furnished, do let me know, please. I couldn't find the right place to ask this under Misc. forums
No Brokerage ofc.


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>Will they reduce any installation charge if I question them about the uptime and guaranteed speed?

Don't think so. The sales guy wouldn't know more than showing you a speed test. They do have some offers time and again, like when they launched in my society I was given a 3 month bill waiver. If someone recommends you as a new customer, I guess both get some incentive.

Uptime is fairly good in areas where they own the last mile. I still think Airtel was the best when it came to uptime but Spectra comes a close second. Societies having Specta are listed on their website.


most societies do not allow PGs running in their flats.
and gurgaon made headlines few months ago for all the wrong reasons. no entry for guests of opposite sex for renters and so on.
good luck in your hunt. you would most likely end up renting a floor in a sector area or room in a PG. very limited option for individuals in this shithole of a city.
Yes, ended up staying somewhere else and had to rent 5th floor. With no luck, I won't be able to get my hands on 1Gbps anytime soon. Delhi is better in these terms but expensive.

Well, I'll probably end up getting tripleplay 100Mbps and i hope it has better ping than Excitel 100Mbps.


Triple Play is as good as or better than Excitel........ Presently on TP..... 100Mbps should be around 750/- inclusive of taxes and if in some society.... unlimited calls free also....


do they offer static ip lol? i want to dump airtel lol. no static ip would be a minor inconvenience. losing the landline number would be another small issue.


Just when you recommend something.... you are fucked...

The Triple Play connection has been down for past 3 days and they earlier committed that it will be rectified in 3 days..... now saying 3 more days...... Some fibre replacement etc.
tripleplay in my area is providing that 750/- 100Mbps (20% upload speed)

but none of the customer care representatives could explain that to me.

They all said ki 20% chances hai 100Mbps aane ke.

I was like wtf dude I'm not your daily layman, don't tell me that 8 se divide karna hota ha.

no landline for me, installation for that 750/- plan is 3k INR from which 1k is refundable

Airtel doesn't have lines in my lane
youbroadband called me through sulekha.
they are offering me 15Mbps :)mad:) for 1436/- for 90 days. No installation and since I had a router already, I pay them nothing extra :censored: