Shekhar Gupta, Indian Express and Economic Times FAIL


The upper caste, creamy layer of our society is the most prejudiced, and yet the most dominant minority in any democracy in the world. That is why even the person representing Mayawati on otherwise brilliant funny-man Cyrus Broacha’s show on CNN-IBN always has a blackened face (Dalits are supposed to be dark-skinned, no?) and that is why the man described by breathless anchors of our blue (business) channels as India’s Warren Buffett, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, sends out tweets like this: “Don’t think Sibal even understands the internet. This happens when you make a lawyer an IT Minister. Like hiring Mayawati for an item song.” Of course, Mayawati could return the compliment by gifting him a very large mirror. But can you imagine the real Warren Buffett getting away with saying something like this about Michelle Obama?

National Interest: The caste of corruption — — Readability

The tweet he talks about came from a spoof account @jhunjhunwala

Twitter / Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: Don't think Sibal even und ...

And this is not the only case I imagine... Search results for Don’t think Sibal even understands the internet points me to tons of reputed news websites.


Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal under attack in cyberspace — — Readability


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this moron doesn't even understand that the tweeter is just a spoof !! journalists shud have their IQ's checked before being given the right to write articles. this dumbass has the IQ of a donkey.add him to the list of idiots who do not understand sarcasm and internet both !!!

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