SCV - STB(Chennai): Problems, Queries and others


I dont know which company STB is offered by SCV but all those STB's are procured from China.........
Dear friends, I was not in chennai since june 2009, so i couldn't pay the due amount scv set top box for 5 months and they disconnected too. What should i do to reactivate? pls help me friendsRegards,your friend
Hi, make a note of you smartcard number, ask you cable operater or you can go to SCV office at giriappa st near GRT hotel T Nagar, and pay the due , it will be recharged ,but leave the set top box on with the smard card.

No ,no fine ,Just pay you old due, in future you can may qtrly, halfyearly payments also, but do not pay this amount to your cable wala, Scv will give you reciept for you payment otherwise insist on a temp reciept, if you pay your cable guy he has to give you a reciept for the payment made. avoid going to SCV office between 1st to 5th as there will be heavy rush at the counters.
I took SCV STB connection at Velachery, Chennai..Quality is OK, but customer service is worst of the worst.They will disconnect the broadcast, even though if you pay the bill in time and need multiple calls to restore back the connection. It happened me twice and presently I am out of broadcast. I have been trying to reach their office for the past two days, but no body picks the phone. The numbers I have with me are: 98417 91127 and 2243 4831.Last time some how my wife got the owner number and called him. He responded promptly and the service got rectified immediately. But the service men got angry on my wife for calling the owner. He striked out that number from the card, so that next time we will not call him. So I lost his number.All these days I was recommending SCV to my friends, but now I am rethinking about my decision of continuing with SCVIf any one listens my problem, pl call me 98841 77134
Call CC 28286161 they will respond immediately or reach SCV N0.4 APT Building, Giriappa Road T.Nagar,Chennai.

can you please tell me how to change the package?

I got the stb under "free" offer with Rs.400/- deposit.

Thanks in advance