Oct 29, 2004
How is 2019 turning out for you? We asked the same question to the internet. After all, last week it turned 30 years old. The answer we got, made us frown.

This year has seen a phenomenal rise in website blocs. Many blocks by ISPs went beyond porn, to services such as proxy and streaming websites, soundcloud, reddit and Often, without any information or telling them the reasons for it.

Arbitrary blocking of websites is the most visible form of interference in your choice of access to the free and open internet. It is a serious breach of net neutrality regulations that were won through the movement. But as it often happens, while we have a great legal rules, there is little or no enforcement. We have identified this as a fault which comes from the absence of a monitoring, reporting and complaint capacity.

To fix this was activated today. We encourage you to visit and sign the, "Take Action" petition. Also, do consider sending us a report if your ISP is violating any Net Neutrality rules.

Let's wish the free and open internet a happy (belated) birthday!

Executive Director,
Internet Freedom Foundation