Rumoured RJio FTTH Plans

These are the RUMOURED Jio FTTH Home Plans. It seems they have already started conducting pilots in few societies of Jamnagar and Mumbai.
Please do not get excited. These seem too good to be true and likely to be wrong.
*** No FUP or 5 Mbps Post FUP Speed after 100/200/300 GBs ***
5 Mbps : Rs. 799 + Service Tax
10 Mbps: 1299 + ST
15 Mbps: 1499 + ST
20 Mbps: 1699 + ST
50 Mbps: 2499 + ST
Also there is all in one QUAD Play Plan in the offing which would be something like
Cable + Landline + 4 SIMs + Free Intra RJio/RCom calls + Any of above plans so add 500-600 Rs to above given plans.
Let the fireworks begin.



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This is impossible. If these plans are in somewhat closer almost all the broadband players will be kicked out..


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Reliance can enter this field only if it has disruptive plans.
Just like when mobile was introduced, these broadband plans will also come with a bang.
The question is will they fade out just like their mobile network

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In Jamnagar??
I am living in Jamnagar and I have not heard RJio started it in Jamnagar as of now.
In Reliance Township at Khavdi, it was tested way back.


These could be introductory plans during the trial phase. These could be Jamnagar specific plans considering it's their own city.


Yes these plans are possible .. Like moindear said a decade back when reliance entered the mobile segment they came with plans that had other companies running for cover .. So these broadband plans are possible .. These speeds are possible although they may not be unlimited but rather with a 100 GB cap which itself would be good enough ..
My issue is not what plans they launch but rather their customer service .. If Mukesh is to make a difference he has to be way better than his brother who goofed up in this segment .. Lets wait n see ..


I hope this is true and plans will be equal for every state, because i know they will not put fiber at my place so i want them to force rivals to give out decent plans.