Router and ONT provided by Airtel FTTH


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The problem with FTTH is that it's costly to install and then it's costly to use (plan would be costlier) but Airtel should aim for FTTH role-out throughout the Metro-cities before Jio or anyone does.

Everyone wants 100Mbps - 1 Gbps if they are paying for 50Mbps/100Mbps already.

Secondly, Netflix/Other Alternatives are becoming source of entertainment.
In fact FTTH s way much cheaper in deployment compared to conventional copper bases. Further since yu touched upon content like NETFLIX & Prime, I strongly feel tht it will be the game changer in 2019 as the progression towards OTT is faster than expected. So I predict tht soon many ISPs will want to take their bites on this booming market in INDIA. So, jus bear for few more days, I feel there will be surplus providers in your area soon.


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@krishnanramani The reason I mentioned it's costly to install is because if Airtel wants to actually install Fiber, it will be costlier since it's alot costly market now as compared to 4-5 years back.

Secondly, digging whole inside the streets includes a lot of bribes from police to minister to department (this is what one of the Jio's man told me).

Fiber is not a cheap affair to a company who already have telephone lines laid.

What Airtel right now doing is using their telephone lines as much as possible. But when they will have to start the deployment of FTTH, It will be a cost to them for sure. Telephone and Fiber are two totally different setup and requires totally different knowledge.

At last, I'm not saying this but many are saying this don't quote me on this.

Jio is right now government's friend. Airtel isn't.... I hope you get my point.