Router and ONT provided by Airtel FTTH

mayank yadav

So I recently switched from BSNL FTTH to Airtel.
Can anyone tell me the model number of ONT and WiFi router which Airtel provides with their 100Mbps plan.
Please mention your city as well.
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Because the best team of Airtel's works on FTTH. (Somewhere Airtel knows future is FTTH and V-Fiber is a complete fail)

Sooner or later, all those underground wiring will be so bad that they will start loosing the connections. The radius will start shrinking because they cannot afford to dig the land and get new wires installed.

Already where India's avg. download speed is 24Mbps, Companies aiming for 100Mbps Plan. Airtel cannot provide even 40 Mbps 500 meters away from Exchange.

Where as companies like Hathway, Excitel are able to provide 100Mbps.

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Yes, it’s having the best teams in Chennai. In fact my in house FTTH installation is very neat & I can call it at par with European standards as I have seen in Germany & Netherlands!