Robot Customer Care and Pathetic Management

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My Tikona User Id - 1112212906

I am very glad to announce, that in my entire life I had never came across to such pathetic and shameless service provider.

The connection is that best, that even signing up to this forum and getting back to my email to verify the link, it took me 20 minutes.

I have been using this shit connection of famous thieves named Tikona since Jan 2015 and I always landed up with 25-35 calls to their customer care service and 5-10 emails on monthly basis...Seems, I took their connection to entertain their customer service.

Now, coming to the point...First of all the customer service of Tikona is filled up with all sorts of morons who are always left with no rebuttles and in no condition to solve the queries....Continuously, they just keep murmuring Sorry Sir..I can understand ....sorry Sir...Sir the problem will get resolve in 24 - 48 hours..
Sir, your roof top receiver is having problem..Sir, the main tower nearby your location is dropping signals and will get it resolved in 24 hours....And when their engineer visits, they say, that there customer service people are morons and they simply blame on towers and receivers.

Now, there has been a petty issue for which I have been calling the customer service since last 1 month and have escalated my issue via email to their customer service a month or 2 months back...but till date the issue has not been fixed..

Now, since last 10 days or you can say since July 1st till today i.e 13th July, I have sent 10 emails to their customer service and have collected 15 call reference numbers from their customer service executive while reporting the same issue again and again....and everytime their agents says Sir, we can see the issue is from Main Tower and I am going to raise your issue to the concerned management....I dont understand what number of counts does one have to reach in order to get the problem resolved...50..? 100?150??/Let me know, and I will make sure to touch those counts, so that your busy management can have a look on the registered issues....Also, I talked to their supervisors and tech supervisors named Saaman or Saawant and Suryavanshi who assured me that my issue will get resolved in 24-48 hours and its been now more then a week, not even a single team of these loosers visited the main tower to fix the issue or whatever..

Everymonth, when they are raising monthly bill, their connection for next 10 days will be average and once the bill is paid, they come to their original skin showing their real face of theives..
These people are so irresponsible and shameless that even you shout or request, it does not affect them in any way....

I made them clear, to take their devices as I am not interested anymore in their connection...better to sit without connection rather then having them as a pain in my ass but still they are not bothered to rectify the issue...

I warned them several times in written emails, that I am a blogger and will blog about them and their services in all possible way and will make sure that no one use their connection in Delhi NCR and still they are not concerned...

I even sent an email to some South Indian named Nair and I never rec'd any reply from him..

Whenever, I say,, transfer my call to supervisor..their supervisor are super busy ...lolz...seems like the agenst and supervisor are one of the same..

When I said, why I am not getting waive off on the bill when the services were never there throughout the month....then their survey team says that it has been observed I used their services thrughout the month and I am liable to pay the foresaid amount..Wowww....That means, if I go to cyber cafe and open my gmail account and even I am not able to compose an email due to slow net connection, then also I have to pay 10 or 20 rupees to the cyber operator...lolzzz..

I tried for months, not to write about them... but as been told to them several times, I am using their 4MBPs connection for my overseas clients and their projects and hours of skype conferences...but they dont give a damn about that ...
Every month, I am loosing 3-4 projects and 1-2 clients because of loose connection or NO connection ...but this month, I loosed 4 clients and 7 projects till date ...

I got every single proof of loosing my clients and projects and everyday I am loosing 2-3K as I am not able to work online because of their pathetic services,...
I am tired calling them mid of the night while working and asking and requesting the same..but hats off to them and to their management....

They are just a bunch of morons who cannot even handle a single client and his complaints...wondering, how they are spreading their network in metropolitian cities..

This month end, I am going to have a meeting with President of my society along with other Tikona Users and going to ask him to remove all Towers of Tikona from this society ...Better to introduce local service providers, so that if their connection goes down, one can approach him face to face rather then dialing toll free numbers or sending emails to unknown from where you never get a single reply...

Finally, I made my mind, that I am not going to pay the bill for last month..though the bill amount is always the same but their services are always terrible...
Let you guys file whatever case you want to file in the court and I will make sure, that you will pay all the loss I am bearing since Jan 2015 till date in terms of profession and financial..

I am writing this blog only after trying my best to reach appropriate management of Tikona and complaining the same to customer service and emails..Still, when I cannot see anay outputs and results, I am forced to write this blog for this lovable Tikona Service Provider..and I will make sure and assure that this is just a starting...

User Id- 1112212906