Roadkills India


Oct 29, 2004
A Citizen Science Initiative to collect mortality or roadkills data of wildlife on linear projects is a Citizen Science Initiative to collect data on mortality of wild animals on roads or railway lines in India.

This Citizen Science Project endeavours to engage with concerned citizens across the country. We hope that the data collected will be useful to researchers and road planners across the country to help in reducing wildlife mortality, install wildlife crossing structures and also improve passenger safety whenever a road is planned or upgraded. is an initiative by the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) and which hopes to democratize data collection. Researchers and road planners wanting access to data can write to us stating their purpose and the data will be made available under a Creative Commons license.
Roadkills – Android Apps on Google Play

Wildlife vehicle collisions are on the rise with increasing traffic and bigger road passing through forests. Most of these deaths of rare, endangered species go unrecorded. Use this app to contribute to gathering information on dead wild animals. Your contribution will help save wildlife.

Gather information on dead wild animals on roads:

Just open the app, read the safety information and click on proceed.

Click on “Report a Roadkill.

Wild/domestic: You have to choose if the dead animal is a wild or domestic one. You may often come across domestic animals such as dogs, cows and dead chicken on roads.

Species name: You can leave this blank if you are unable to identify the species of dead animal

Area name: You may want to include the name of the road where the dead animal was located. Alternatively, leave this blank as the GPS location will be recorded .

Upload pictures: Use the camera to take upto 3 pictures of a single roadkill incident and upload

Get access to your own data

My Map: Go to the “My Map” section to view your own data on a map.

My Reports: Go to the “My Reports” section to view data collected by yourself

For researchers

Researchers working on wildlife vehicle collison studies can also use this app for their fieldwork. No more using tedious datasheets and GPS locations. Researchers can even get access to their trip data to quantify their effort. Researchers wanting to use the app can use the “Trip Based Report” feature from the menu. Researchers will have the first right to publish reports using their own data.