Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company


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Sep 21, 2016

It was said that cinema was a dream factory... Speaking of dreams, there's a director, Gaspard Bazin who is preparing his film and doing screen tests to recruit extras. Speaking of factories, there's Jean Almereyda, the producer, who's had his hour of glory and is finding it increasingly difficult to raise the finance for his projects. Between them, there's Eurydice, Almereyda's wife, who would like to be an actress. While Almereyda tries to find money to round off the film's budget, and this at the risk of his own life, for the money promised to him comes from very fishy sources, Gaspard does screen tests with Eurydice.
Cinema is as much the art of finding a beautiful face to capture on film as it is the art of finding money to pay for the film. Grandeur and decadence is about this. It's also the portrait of these extras, technicians, all these people who work in the dark of the cinema, and also for television.

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