Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6800)


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May 5, 2009
I was on the lookout of a phone to replace my Samsung Galaxy S (I9000), which I predominantly use as a secondary phone.

The two options for me were either Galaxy Note or wait for Samsung Galaxy S 3.

While looking at one outlet (Univercell), I came across Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (P6200) which was a phone cum tablet, costing around 26k but inferior specs. When u invest 25k, u wont settle for inferior specs for sure :)

Galaxy Tab 7.7 seemed to be a gud deal as it had the same hardware specs as Note but with bigger screen.

It took a lot of R&D on the net and max time I spent to buy a mobile (Last time was in 2006 to decide between Nokia N70 and SE W800)

Finally bought Galaxy Tab 7.7 mainly because the Galaxy Note white color was not available in whole of Bangalore.

The Review:

One Gamble I had taken was believing the online reviews since none of the outlets kept this tablet on display as it arrived in India recently. So I bought this tab even without looking at it :)

In the Box:

Tablet, black data cable which doubles as charger when attached to the plug, white colored earphones optimized for the device.

The cable is too short and cant use the AC charger because of this. I use an extension cord to charge the tablet.


Awesome. Very light and thin with display which will make u drool. Fits in my hand and easy to use on screen keyboard. No plastic body.


Really good. But then there is touch wiz. So when you install lots of apps (around 50+), shows visible lag but as due to the powerful processor it wont affect that much.


Something which I never expected this much. Even with data (2G) always on the tablet does not lose even 1% of it during standby in the night. Tweetdeck does keeps updating every 15 minutes. This was a big problem in Galaxy S. The 5100 mAh battery does really well.

With good amount of videos, twitter, browsing and games it easily goes 2 days for me without charge. I guess after a year will eventually come down to 1 day but this is the standout feature.


This being my first tablet did struggle since most of the apps dont look gud in a tablet. Need to buy specific apps for the tablet.
For eg: The font is barely visible for tweetdeck even though its set to max font size :( Now started using Tweetcaster


Comes with only 3.15MP rear camera. does decent job in pics. 720p video recording. Frankly yet to get time to record videos. The front cam with 2 MP is very good in Skype calls.


1080p videos, even mkv files run very smooth. Animated movies standout just bcos of the display. Very eye pleasing.


Honeycomb (3.2) does work well. Loved the browser which looks like chrome but when I checked facebook session, it displayed as safari. That is weird.
It takes time getting used to on screen buttons, especially 'back' button.


The phone works very well. The calls have clarity and the reception is gud.
Had some problem initially as it didnt detect SIM and then restarted 4-5 times saying SIM removed. No problems after that.
Bluetooth devices pair well.


Same as Galaxy S. But the stock music player has a nice feature, it shows the folders too (just like Power amp player). SO no need to set the albums for all the songs.


It comes with speakers of good output. In fact it seems they are louder than earphones


It takes 3 hours for full charge.once done, it comes at least a day of continuous usage.

Cables and ports:

This is the worst part. It comes with 20 pin samsung proprietary cable. USB host (USB on the go) feature is provided but you need to buy the accessory. Is available for 200 rupees in the local market.


Comes with 16 GB internal memory. Enough for normal users. Max external memory is 32 GB, guess it should have been 64 GB. Fast access with external storages.


Again a mistake by Samsung for not providing USB charging. Came to know that the power output of normal desktop/laptop is not enuf but still not a gud reason. Hackable but better to leave this alone.
Mass storage mode does not work here. USB connects only in tablet mode with the help of KIES. Transfer of files is faster but it does not have multi tasking. Cant copy two files parallely.
Annoying prompts on transfer of video files for conversion. Its very irritating.
Could not copy mkv files from my Desktop, the explorer process would crash. So I copy them to USB drive and from there copy to the tablet/SD card. Plays mkv files very well. Seems this mkv file issue is just with me. Didnt check with my laptop yet.


Not available anywhere in India. The only place they are available are in Samsung Showroom. The pouch costs 3100 rupees and screen guard costs 1000 rupees. Not worth at all. Searched whole of Bangalore and internet, they are not available. ebay has one for 2100 (imported) which does not appeal much.

One shop owner cut the iPad screen guard for this tablet, fits well :)


The small data cable is definitely a headache. Had to buy a connector for that.
Cant move apps to SD card. Seems samsung messed with something here.


Unfortunately I dont have camera to take any snap of the tablet.


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Aug 14, 2011
Gurgaon | Mumbai
Ah, nice review. I'm planning to buy a tablet next month or so, will come handy then. You could use airdroid to copy files over wifi. Facebook shows safari because it probably detects webkit on the android browser and labels it as safari.


Oct 29, 2004
airdroid is awesome. it is much more than just a desktop interface for the file system. it comes with its own file manager and other cool features. incredibly useful.


Jul 15, 2006
1080p videos plays on your tab...? This is interesting considering its big brother 10.1 dosen't..


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Dec 9, 2006
airdroid is awesome. it is much more than just a desktop interface for the file system. it comes with its own file manager and other cool features. incredibly useful.
tell me about it. flashed AOSP ICS Alpha on my note and mass storage wasn't supported yet. thought I was screwed but then remembered airdroid. real life saver.


Bhatakti Aatma
Jun 13, 2009
I went through the Airdroid website. Isn't this the Android version of AirPlay?


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Dec 9, 2006
No. it has all features of a PC sync software (transfer files, read SMS etc. etc.) but through wifi.

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