Review of Netconnect+


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:p but one thing bro...whenever i open shows "bengaluru" as my place..even though am from hyderabad ..?


512 kbps is good speed for netconnect, I usually get around 200kbps. Iam waiting for LTE launch until then we would be stuck with such ridiculous speed for mobile broadband.


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LTE is a long way to go. Even US carriers have not been able to offer LTE in all coverage areas. The 3G signals are still not very stable in many parts and the pricing absurd to say the least. In such a scenario LTE is a very distant prospect.


Reliance (Mukhesh Ambani's group) is likely to launch its LTE service by this year end. Other players like Airtel, Aircel are likely to launch in early 2012, so LTE launch is not that far away in India.


My wife has a company paid Post paid Netconnect usb dongle. The old modem (not sure model) was exchanged for a new one few weeks ago.EC150 Huawei CDMA 3.6 mbps gives eaisly 1.5 mbps . I never had more than 1 mbps with similar Tata photon plus.Daily my wife and kid are watching free Hindi movies in the youtube channel.!!:fart:
I bought Reliance Netconnect+.

Its speed is worst. Even though I subscribed for 1MBPS plan, it gives me speed of 5-6 kbps almost 90% of time.

After purchasing this data card they suspended my service for 2 weeks and also charged me for the same. I kept asking what my fault was or why I did they make me pay but there was no answer from either customer care or the reliance store. Its the worst company with the worst people. If I am able to stop at least a few people from purchasing this product and suffering from what I suffered, I will feel a bit satisfied.
i am paying for 40gb /month with 3.1 mbps.first i used to get around 30kb/s .but soon after using 10m usb cable extension i usually get aroung 130-150 kbps except on a windy day
Let me tell you something what happened, i took reliance netconnect speed was ok ok not as high as they say but things went worse when i changed my internet and switched to other service .. i asked these people to close the connection but these people took extra 1K for closing the service but after more than 2 months i am again getting calls from these people saying i need to pay 1K for closing the service again ... These people are nothing but a leech .. I am very very disappointed that i took this companies service