Residents of Simmranpur are renaming their village as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir


Oct 29, 2004
UP villagers to rename village as ‘Pakistan-occupied Kashmir’ to protest lack of facilities

this is both hilarious and sad.

Residents of a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district have found a unique way to protest the lack of the most basic of facilities. They have decided to rename Simmranpur as PoK or Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, saying their situation is no better.

Villagers complain Simmranpur, which falls under Daulatpur gram panchayat of Ghatampur, lacks educational and health facilities as well as electricity, proper roads, school and dispensary. There is only one hand pump in the village that is now used by villagers to tie their cattle and children, who play with its lever, after it stopped working eight years ago.