req: guide for moving from airtel to mtnl

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i am an airtel user and right now i am pretty pissed with their low speed and if ppl here (mtnl subforum) check the airtel section they will find there are many users who want to move from airtel to mtnl or keep airtel connection too at the same time... i browsed through the mtnl site and read few pages on the forum but the whole matter is still very confusing...of course i dont have an mtnl phone line so i gotta apply for that first and it makes it even more confusing, which plan to choose from as i dont intend to use the mtnl phone much so a minimum rental per month is most suited for my need...moreover there is this big confusion over the modem. as i see mtnl keeps charging the modem rental even after the actual cost of modem is surpassed and its still unclear whether we should buy our own modem or not..or is it possible atall to use my airtel 220bx i am requesting a guide from someone who knows all these details about mtnl inside would be very helpful for all the ppl trying to move from airtel to mtnl.thanks in advance for all your help


You can use the same modem for both Airtel and MTNL.You have to change only the Rj11 cable from the splitters. to the same Beetel 220BX modem. Compare speed etc for one or two months . Then decide which one to keep.Airtel CC mostly on phone email. No personal contact with higher ups.MTNL/BSNL you could meet the technical staff in person. In MTNL take the lowest rental plan ( bsnl Rs 180/-). Your BB charges added to your Telephone bill ( In BSNL). Only BSNL/MTNL gives 2Mbps speed for lesser tariff charges. ( also free night usage) Now IPTV also introduced by BSNL. No idea about MTNL.