Renew question on the Annual plan


1. I have initially opted for the Quarterly plan ACT BB Premium **Where subscriber is opting for 3 months advance subscription, the installation charges shall be waived off.Now, after using the connection for 20days...I am planning to go with the annual plan...So, my question to Actianwill I be paying for 9months or 12months completely since I have paid for the quarterly subscription the time of taking connection was told by the sales team that I can upgrade to annual later...however, after using the connection I am planning to upgrade the subscription...****> Where subscriber is opting for Annual plan with an advance subscription of 12 months, the subscriber shall get an installation charge waiver and 25GB extra on FUP per month for entire subscription period and at the completion of twelve months, the subscriber shall be entitled to two months of free subscription for the existing plan.So, please let me know if I can upgrade and will I be getting 25GB additional FUP on my current subscription from the next month...2. Second question is how the bills will be calculated since I got the connection between the month 10th of this month...and have to pay full bill of 1000 or will it be prorated....since if the person gets the connection 25th of calendar month for 5days you can't ask him to use the 50GB and then we will charge for the full payment...hope you understand my question here...