Reliance Metro Ethernet with Wireless Router


Feb 10, 2012
I live in Chennai and just confirmed Reliance internet connectivity in my area from the CC. I hope most of you are aware of the new Freedom 999 plan in Reliance (12 Mbps upto 25GB, 1 Mbps thereafter). It uses Metro Ethernet cable, i.e., no modem, connection is directly to the CPU. Wanna know whether i can connect it to a wireless router and configure wi-fi (because so far i've seen only wireless routers along with ADSL Modem, now since it's metro ethernet cable i have a doubt). Also if it can be configured, suggest me a good Wireless Router to buy. Preferably those for which there are tutorials (in internet) on how to configure it with Reliance Metro Ethernet connection. Thanks in advance :)And one more thing, This Freedom 999 plan, i heard they log us out automatically every 6 hours. Is that true? If so, is there any tweak or mod to auto-login every 6 hours? Do let me know that too.


Founder, Hayai Broadband
Jun 22, 2009
Yes you can. I personally like the Netgear WGR614 as it has a good price/performance value - I usually pick them up for people at around Rs1300 or so, depending on where I go/how hard I bargain. It's 802.11n at "only" 150mbit/s but that's more than any connection in India will give you right now anyway, so... meh.When you buy and set it up, you will probably need to get Reliance to reset the MAC binding. How it needs to be configured depends on how you connect now: if you have to use a dialer, then you can set it up for PPPoE no worries, otherwise if it's just Static IP/MAC this is also an option. It has a setup wizard, so you shouldn't need a tutorial, so long as you get the right numbers to put in (IP address, DNS etc).If it so happens that you're on PPPoE and Reliance logs you out automatically after 6 hours, then good news: you can set the router to try and keep the connection alive, that is, if it loses connectivity due to being automatically logged out, it'll dial up again.


Aug 1, 2009
i am in chennai as well can u tell me which part u live in i am in medavakkam cant confiirm the availablity from CC and reason is obvious!!:D

Feb 17, 2012
Bro i Am Using The Same 12 Mbps Plan in chandigarh And I am Using (TP-Link Wifi Router) Its Eazy To Setup... Like Making 2- Minute Meggi lol. You just click on the Setup connection and Follows it,And After 6 Hours Disconnection Is Fake,, Nothing is Happening with me As Its been 1 nd Half Month i am Connected with Reliance.