Reliance JioFiber: No Cable in my area? (Delhi)


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Airtel 4G > Jio.


well that's the thing. jio has a lot of fans because it does seem to work great at a lot of places.
for me, airtel has been better performer so i am sticking with it.
the problem is that cheaper mobile plans is resulting in an overall poor quality of service. smaller players have disappeared. fewer options are available to customers. and jiofiber would end up doing the same to the wired internet market in the country and that would be horrible in my opinion.


In 4G mobile they had a advantage besides the BJP govt. at their disposal... the advantage was that everything was under their control, they did not depend on anyone to market/ sell/ receive payment...

But for wired internet they would have to depend on LCOs for last mile connectivity.... So Jio Fiber would not cause much disruption...

In fact the opposite might be true, if they do not have their own setup at each location (very unlikely) or have good understanding with LCOs (which is also unlikely)....

Otherwise also.... I do not hear any distinct advantage, at least in cities... though might be useful in rural/ remote locations where other ISPs might not find financially viable...

@yougotmehere I didn't get you. Whole Delhi is full of Independent Plots.

Society Culture is there in Gurgaon not in Delhi.

If they are going to be for Society? Who are they providing JioFiber to in Delhi? Pretty Strange tactics.
i agree that majority of delhi might be independent houses, but for now their focus is Apartments. As a matter of fact, Jio Fibre is already live in Alaknanda and few Apartments in Kalkaji, Palam, Dwarka which i don't remeber. Magic won't happen overnight. Even if they plan to extend it to residential plots in the next 6-8months, the work would have started by now, say it underground or overhead. God only knows, their real plan

Nikhil Sharma

Do they need a separate an exchange as well for fiber as well? (Like - BSNL has for ADSL lines). Or they can just install a machine on the tower and provide connections? Please share your views.