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I am having trouble with Jio now , The speeds I am getting is different for different sites. I can view 1080 p video on youtube without any buffer but if I download something on steam my speed is only around 100 to 200 KB/s which is like only 1-2 Mbps speed.

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@Neo8 I used to face the same problem but its sorted now in my area. Maybe JIO is caching youtube content but once you try to access steam then you need to connect to jammed intercontinental fiber network or JIO might to limiting /capping steam downloads

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No one is reporting of non recharged sims getting closed.
Thats the matter of worry.
What advantage do the ones who recharged gets ?
I was not able to make calls since two days back. yesterday got "services are being degraded" sms. But I had already recharged with 303rs. Tried opening statement but jio app was not able to display.

Called customer care from another number and lodged complaint. Yesterday night It started working again. Today afternoon, got a call from Jio people saying that they were near my home to check personally. I said Im not home. They said they checked the area and the reception is very good and I should not face any problems anymore. Thanked them and they left.


Actually on one of my non recharged sim i got sms my services are degraded.
But then everything is working fine, outgoing calls working, and net is full speed.
So wonder what does this message even matter ?


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Now my unrecharged number is showing 2 plans:

1) Grace plan - showing 100SMS till 22nd April
2) HNY plan - showing 100SMS and 1GB till 23nd April

But I can see youtube without buffering and able to make calls as well.