Reliance Jio speeds with carrier aggregation on three bands


@Nitin any difference in speeds?


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BTW my iPhone X is supporting 3CA. It does not connect to 3CA all the time but keeps on fluctuating between NoCA 2CA and 3CA.
I have noticed that 3CA gives pathetic speeds in my area. This has been tested even on Google Pixel 2. The only time I have seen upwards of 60 Mbps speeds is at 4am in the morning.
Which is the cheapest device which actually does CA here in India? And among which bands? Just pondering on the idea of if it makes sense to get a smart phone and tether it for better LTE speeds rather than buying a LTE-A router/hotspot (I am yet to find a model which does CA with the bands we have available here, suggestions are welcome)
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