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Nope! Btw is Jio fiber available in Madurai?
I don't think so. Just checking with yours as your area may get it at first than mine. Here, ACT is already in place along with Airtel VDSL (that provides only 8mbps). So, I don't think my area (Surveyor Colony) would get JioFiber anytime soon.
Can someone please explain this to me. Don't judge, I am a commerce student with a little bit interest in technology, but I can't understand this-

For instance, WAN is assigned in a stateful manner, with only a /128 address being given to your router. Your LAN is by default configured to be stateless, with a /64 prefix length. However your LAN prefix is not assigned by the ISP, but is instead assigned from a reserved linked-local IPv6 range defined in an outdated RFC. So you literally get none of the benefits of IPv6, and all of the downsides of IPv4, as a NAT is involved in your connection.


from what i understand... ipv6 enables isps to assign individual public ips to all your devices. but the way reliance has configured their system... you don't get those benefits. you are still getting a private ip?
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i don't trust reliance. so i would not get myself a jio connection. i do not have to go offline to not get a jio connection.