Reliance Jio JioGigaFiber Gigabit FTTH Service


I would say wired Broadband ISPs better prepared for Jio threat than AVoId during 4G 2 years back.
Why are they prioritizing cities which already have good broadband plans. They should prioritize cities like mine where we have to pay 1000rs per month for 1 megabit per sec. I hate my local isp coz of poor connection with no customer support and rain issues.
For connection installation at your home you need to call on their customer care number. They will do a feasibility check and will provide you connection within 7 days of application.

I am using jio fiber from last 8 months. Living in sector 70 mohali independent house.

Speed is constant at 95 Mbps down and 95 up. Though ping to US and Singapore is way Higher than airtel.
Can you provide their customer support email?