Reliance Jio JioGigaFiber Gigabit FTTH Service

RIL-DeN-Hathway Media Release

Jio has already started work on connecting 50 million homes across 1,100 cities. It will work together with Hathway and DEN and all the LCOs to offer a quick and affordable upgrade to a world-class lineup of JioGigaFiber and Jio Smart-Home Solutions to the 24 million existing cable connected homes of these companies across 750 cities. This will accelerate Jio’s commitment to connect 50 million homes with JioGigaFiber in the shortest possible time.
Still no sign of Jio Fiber in my Area.
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@gizmofreak there are two apps available for jio tv. One is which we see at our mobile and one is android tv app which was working fine but then embedded login stopped working so i removed that. Now I loaded normal jio tv app but its particular version only which works, current version don't work and will throw error message saying device not supported.

And yes, jio tv works on non jio network.
Could you please give me the exact version number?


So,LCO is related to TV or Internet?What about the cities like mine one of them, who does not have Hathway?
Well, Hathway and DEN are more prominent only in certain parts of India. There are LCOs all over India without brand such as Hathway. So, LCOs are there wherever we have cable based TV viewing. No one can lay TV cable without MCO / LCO permission. Since, Hathway is the largest LCO, it has made a decision to resist the entry of Jiofiber. This decision has affected Reliance the most. Other LCOs may not give the kind of resistance that Hathway or DEN provided. So, they may go hand-in-hand with Reliance in actual deployment of JIofiber service. We never know what other operators planned. This is only my assumption. Hopefully, we will see JioFiber in the first half of 2019.
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