Reliance Jio JioGigaFiber Gigabit FTTH Service


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I have seen poor performance of GitHub files in many isps of the country, no surprise. Try to test download test files of lease web(choose Netherlands, US, HK , Singapore as server) The Leaseweb Network | Leaseweb
Its averaging between 4 - 6 MB/sec on my jiofiber connection for various location. HK was the fastest.
So after using gigafiber for around 1 year, i found the service satisfactory if you are not into gaming.

Both download and upload speed is great but pings are horrible.

On local speed test servers which are not even 1-2 km away from my home have pings as high as 80-100 ms.

Anyone using gigafiber please let me know how much ping are you guys getting?