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I agree with you. Though I am using Jio 4G now but I am actually interested in Jio FTTH in the long run. It is not feasible to provide unlimited plans (or FUP plans) on 4G once it is commercially launched. The employee at the store yesterday said that the 4G prices would be near 3G prices of existing networks. So, it cannot be used for regular use for whole month.

But in case of FTTH, a decent FUP or unlimited (both are fine for me) is possible at decent prices as most ISPs in India are already doing it. Even if they can provide decent plans like Beam Fiber/ACT Fibernet provides in Hyderabad throughout India with good customer service, their FTTH would sweep off almost all BSNL customers (as well as other ISP customers) all over India almost instantly.

The Jio employees in the store said that the Fiber plans (which I suppose they meant FTTH) would also be launched soon. Hope they launch it at the earliest. Eagerly awaiting for the same.


Please for god sakes! Delhi! We need prices and services like Chennai specially when comparing with ACT. I'm sick and tired of bloody ADSL be it MTNL or Airtel.

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I'm not sure what will be practical use of ftth except it should be high speed. I can see some advantage for corporates but for individuals like us even 8-10 mbps is enough where movie download is done within 10 minutes. I'm on 25 mbps where it takes about 3 minutes which is common nowadays.
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Move on to some local operator. I have compared right from mtnl to Airtel to tikona.. Almost every possible service provider and found local one to be the best

Both upload and download are above 20mbps


living in an independent house has its issues. only options available are airtel/reliance/bsnl and some shit local company with shit plans. no fiber based plans to the best of my knowledge. not even sure if reliance has laid down their cables because i do not remember any digging around my place. would probably end up taking a limited data wireless plan with reliance for backup.
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Wireless is their first priority. So, Reliance Jio FTTH wouldn't be launched any time in the near future. When it does launch, the speeds would naturally be well above the wireless counterpart. Apart from that, we may get much stabler connection and speed (I already get much stable connection with JIO wireless). That's all I expect. I hope the prices are reasonable too.

tldr; too early to discuss about FTTH.
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