Reliance Jio is acquiring Saavn. Merging it with JioMusic.


Chal Hata Sawan ki Ghata...
Khaal Khuja Batti buja ke soja nintukle pintukle...
Vanti pe khadeli he banti baja rahi hai baar baar ghanti...
kulla mila ke paschim ko palatle...
Bahut ho gaya phut le vat le...
Chal jaa yaha se Hawa ande yaar...
Hata Sawan ki Ghata...

Navjot Singh

The Punisher
Saavn, an online music streaming service, will be launching music videos on its platform by middle of next year. Saavn also plans to digitize around 60,000 Bollywood movies and make them available to consumers by 2015 to 2016. Before digitizing the movies, it will work on licensing agreements with Bollywood production companies.[color=rgb(0,0,0);font-family:Arial, 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, sans-serif;font-size:14px;] [/color]


Version 3.0
Drumroll, please… The long-awaited, all-new Saavn is here! Fully rebuilt from the top down to be MUCH faster, more stable, and with the most beautiful look we have ever put out in the market (take that, iOS)!
+ Stunning new user interface
+ Fully-optimized for small screen devices
+ Improved functionality in low-connectivity environments


No Data, All Play: Welcome to Saavn FreeStream (Beta) – Saavn Blog

FreeStream is based on account re-crediting to the user for data they have used for Saavn streaming. Users are given a data pack anywhere between 100MB and 300MB, which they can use for any app on their phone. However, once they consume that amount of data using Saavn, we re-credit them with another (free) data pack. Basically, we’re picking up the cost of Saavn listener data to help get more people on the mobile Web, without sacrificing neutrality.