Reliance Jio Introduces JioFiber 4G Internet Services With 3 Months Free Usage To Housing Societies

yes they are using it for free... and no, no plans and pricing has been revealed
they are lucky indeed. any news about their ftth plans . when are they launching those


WOW 92 is a lot for India, Im in mumbai to... How do I get this plan?
It's not commercially launched, So you can't get that as of now . RJio will launch it's FTTH after the 4G launch which had been delayed for past 6 years as of now , So may be after a decade ( 20 years ) we could get RJio's FTTH .


Ok. I just happen to run into my local cable operator recently and got to know that they are launching some new Broadband FTTH services from Reliance.

*He mentioned that the equipment at their location etc was all set up and they were only waiting for the final launch indication from the company. He wasn't sure when the actual launch will happen nor did they have any details on the plan available. *This could also be Reliance Communications because they could not specifically confirm if it's JIO. They are running on BBNL at present, i moved away from BBNL to ACT last year because of better plans/reliability at the time. They will apparently migrate all their existing users to the New Reliance soon after the launch.

*Did anyone else hear such things from their LCO ?
@madhusudan, you seems to be from bangalore.. Which location are u from in bangalore ?
Well i use BBNL FTTH too. Their reliability is not consistent but works fine in terms of speed. I am from judicial layout in Yelahanka.


@cooltexas60s ... This has nothing to do with our Current Internet Service Provider - it can be BBNL, ACT, Hathway or anyone else who got the permission from your LCO (Local Cable Operator). *Check with your local cable guy on any info on Reliance Equipment installs recently