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Exactly. It should have been at least 6 hours if not 8 hours. Suppose if it's 12AM - 6 AM or 2 AM - 8AM then it would at least give you chance to surf in the morning for a couple hours.
This is not broadband. As far as i know only jio is providing unlimited on 4g. You can easily download 15-20 gb in 3 hours. so you can download almost everything you want that too with unlimited call and at only at 149. Whats more you want. and best part is you do not have to wake up you can schedule it.

Saurabh Srivastava

Well-Known Member
Somebody pls explain this shit !!! No matter how I use data,I always end up getting FUP. Sometimes Myjio app shows my allotted quota something like this.


tried to download some days back . It took 1 hour approx to download 1 gb . But speed fluctuate from 200 kbs to 4-5mb . Very unstable connections on higher speeds . Good to surf fb nd other social networking


Speeds do fluctuates a lot. On average I can download around 40gb during these 3 hours. Max I was able to do was around 48gb.Hope it's not intentional by reliance..
Oh and it's harder to maintain band 40 then ever if u want high speeds

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