Reliance Jio GigaTV Set Top Media Box Announced

Hey, just found out that there is an Android TV version of Jio Tv on the internet, Jio released it by "mistake", but took it down but the APK is available online. I tried that.

The quality is phenomenal, best live tv I've ever seen
The UI is really good
I think the stream is 60fps too, looks smoother than usual

Need a JioID, So you need a working jio connection
Have to login every time you open the app, Shitty developer (For some reason his login credentials are always present when you load the app, though they don't work)
No option to seek, Only live video


Not just Internet.
I have got this app sideloaded for more than a month now. initially the amit jain id was working fine. stopped from last week or two.
Entering your own id each time is pita.
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