Reliance Jio GigaTV Set Top Media Box Announced


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Reliance Jio, in its Reliance AGM 2018 keynote on July 5th 2018, has unveiled a new set-top Box for the Indian TV viewers. The new set-top box by Jio will be called the GigaTV set-top box and will offer a 4K resolution on TV channels.

The new set-top box by Jio will also support voice commands in most of the Indian languages, the company claims, aiming to fulfil the motto "Bhasha anek, Bharat ek." In addition, the set-top box will also enable multi-party video conferencing, i.e. it will enable peer-to-peer video calls over the broadband through the Jio user's TV.

With the Jio GigaTV set-top box, Reliance Jio promises more than 600 movie channels, 1000s of movies as well as millions of songs to be available as and when the customer demands.
Source: Reliance Jio Brings 'GigaTV' 4K Set-Top Box With Voice Control And 600+ Movie Channels
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Not just Internet.
All dth providers in danger. They don't have transponder to launch all hd channels how compete with 4k?


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Sorry to burst your bubble, but all they're talking about is supporting 4K resolution in their set top box. That's it.
Do you really think they'll provide actual 4K over streaming?

Heck, do they even provide 1080p or even 720p streaming right now in their apps? They don't.


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Do you have it running on an Android TV? I've tried the Android TV specific APK on an nvidia shield, but all I've ever gotten is 480p (just like their mobile apps calling it HD).