Reliance Jio Fibre Broadband (FTTH) Problem: Unidentified Devices connecting to ONT device (Jio Fibre Router)

mayank yadav

How can it be possible that you don't have access to the router? Anyways a few tips to secure your network is to change your password and ensure that you are using WPA2
security protocol with AES encryption. You can find this in the router's wireless settings. Also ensure that you disable WPS key. Hiding your SSID will not really make a difference. But if you want to go a step further then setup mac-filtering.
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^ The second part doesn't necessarily help, it would just prevent his genuine devices from connecting if at all some other devices have connected already.

Perhaps it would be better to put a MAC address white list, so only devices with the white listed MAC address can connect.


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I googled and found these default login details for jio router Web UI

user: admin
pass: Jiocentrum

and if you cannot access your router , how jio customer care wanted you to block device and change password ? as mentioned in OP