Reliance Communications has shut down their CDMA network with little warning

Navjot Singh

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Same thing happened with my brother in law. His old dongle has stopped working and store guys have no idea about the launch or when the new sim would be activated.


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SIMs for dongles/WiPods would not be activated unless they get a 'go ahead' from Jio for launch of 4G services. The WiPods that they're giving can only use 4G networks with no failover to 2G/3G.


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One of my relatives had received GSM/4G SIM. (he does not use for internet but just calls)

And he asked me what to do - if to keep reliance or to port out.

I told him to keep and try their GSM network. If not happy then port out.

Lets hope he does not face this issue (i havent asked yet).

Also I hope that Reliance did not use PORTing method for switching CDMA users to GSM because otherwise once you PORT in to a network - the rules say you have to keep it for 90days.