Reliance Communications 4G Plans are a massive downgrade from their CDMA data plans

Yep, they mislead their customers and outright lied about not changing plans. What's more, a lot of CDMA customers are now left with a brick, after being unable to use their phone numbers for anything for 2+ weeks, and then suddenly finding out yet a month later that now they will be paying 47,000 if they want the same amount of data they used to get. They should really get sued over this.
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Someone needs to make what is known in America as a 'class action lawsuit' against RCom. I bought my 4G Wi-Pod because RCom promised that the tariff plans would remain the same.

I have no experience with the courts in any country that I've been to otherwise I'd try to be more helpful.

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They already changed plans for their existing dongle customers, I have already started the termination process, and I am sure a lot of others will have too. If I wanted something that expensive, I would go with Airtel, who has good customer support and network coverage, not RCom, that makes you wait for hours on its customer support hotline. They could've let people stay on the old plans and then revealed the new plans along with Jio, but they didn't, which does not give me a lot of confidence in the 93/10GB news stories.


took another beating for Cap
Termination. My last email exchange with Reliance:

Dear Vibranium,

We acknowledge your e-mail dated XXXXXXXX for your Reliance number XXXXXXXXXX and regret the inconvenience caused.

The CDMA packs (including unlimited data benefits provided in CDMA) have been discontinued and hence we have moved all the customers on 4G network to new 4G plan with 4G benefits.

Kindly note that who have been upgraded to 4G on their existing CDMA plans, will now be moved (in phased manner) to new default 5GB 4G data plan, which will be with immediate effect and not on bill cycle. You can also opt to change your plan to any of the other offered plans in the circle, by calling contact center or by emailing us, which will be will be applicable only from next bill cycle (other than 5GB default plan).

We have made a note of your feedback to improve our services to meet your expectations.

Assuring you of our best services always. Thank you for choosing Reliance.