Reliance Communications 4G Plans are a massive downgrade from their CDMA data plans


Their customer care has been painful to deal with but it is still great to have a purely unlimited plan for around 1260 here in my area where there are no better alternatives.

Having said that, I am pretty much always prepared for them to shut down these plans which would force me to switch back to Airtel and pay double the money for I assume 200GB something data.


So it is clear that data card/dongle postpaid users are also receiving emails to select plan else l they would be given default 5GB plan for Rs 1100/month..
This is ridiculous!
They have promised to continue us on same plan but now it is not happening ..
And they successfully made profit by selling wi-pods.. for sure..
They have not released plans for karnataka circle yet (also no 4G launch date yet) but after going through postpaid user's feedbacks from other circles I am damm sure the plans for 4G in karnataka will be same as other circles..
So now I look forward to terminate my connection..I don't wanna wait for even 4G launch.. this entire 4G upgrade is nonsense.. (I was happy netconnect+ user though)


Looking for BSNL Broadband substitute
Got SIM. I'm being billed for the same old plan which existed during CDMA. I called 198, they said local store will correct it. Went to local store, they say call 198 or wait for some days as CC is very busy (?)

I had mailed CC, got no response. Then mailed to Appellate Authority, waiting for response. I don't think I'll receive any though.

My bill = Old Rental + RWorld Charges + BlackBerry Rental

Such faulty billing system. Plus, my internet isn't working anymore.

My colleague who is heavy internet user had unlimited plan with RCOM CDMA. He is now pissed off after he got to mail (for hiw WiPod) that maximum data allowed per month on RCOM 4G is 10GB!!!
10GB he says would be consumed in 2-3 days with 4G speed :D
RCOM surely cheated their customers with such plans.


I am trying since yesterday to contact the rcom cheaters and submit my termination request, but still couldn't. Seems there is queue for termination request. Hehehe


Finally done, Termination request accepted. thanks reliance for nearly 8 years of good service. Sadly all changed in couple of months :(


Now time to get good wired broadband service ...
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I am Reliance Wi pod 4G data card user. Yesterday i called the customer care to confirm if they had changed my postpaid connection plan and the cc guy told me that They had activated NEW default plan from 17th July on my Wi Pod connection which worth RS. 1100 and gives 5GB data on 4g network. (My previous plan worth RS 999 for 25 GB)