Reliance Broadband Sales Office in Pune


May 15, 2005
Hi Everyone,I wanted to find out Reliance Broadband sales office address and phone number in Pune.I live near Khadki station on Aundh Rd.Also I wanted to understand what kind of broadband service it is. In USA and Canada I used phone-based DSL and ADSL broad band services (respectively provided by SBC and Telus). Since last 10 days I am trying to setup BSNL broadband service. Their Cust-Serv people are clearly dumbest in world. A Bihari guy (who looked to like Laloo) came to my house and proceeded to connect Huawei ADSL modem but did nothing to prove connectivity. When I asked their technical person for help they said I need to upgrade my OS to W98SE. I have W98FE. When I asked what is my IP address and whether it is going to be found out automatically he came back to ask me if I wanted to know who the ISP is. Such is the level of IQ of these idiots. Sorry for rant but I am disparate to start a broadband connection in home. Any help in getting me started will be appreciated.-ew


Oct 25, 2004
Wanted to know who your ISP is?ROFL