Reliance Big TV HD HEVC STB Offer


Oct 29, 2004
Reliance Big TV To Provide Free Set-Top Box, HD Channels For One Year

"Starting from today (Wednesday), entertainment comes effectively free of cost, with the latest offer by Reliance Big TV. Now every Indian household can enjoy high quality home entertainment and students can have free of cost access to education content with latest HD HEVC set Top box."

The latest offer provides plethora of pay channels free for one year including HD channels and up to 500 FTA channels free of cost for five years. This is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of digital India, the company said.
Would have to check the website for the catch.


Nov 7, 2016
"Effectively Free" is the keyword, this is a horrible shady offer. WTF 'plethora' of pay channels actually mean there is no channel list and Free to Air channels mean DD and other non-sense that no one wants to watch and is already free.


Navjot Singh

Sep 7, 2005
This DTH company is offering 'free' channels to users for up to five years; here's how you can avail it - The Financial Express

In order to be eligible for the offer, the buyers will have to pre-book the Reliance BIG TV set-top box and its outdoor unit (ODU) by calling on the number – 18002009001, or by visiting the website. The Reliance BIG TV booking under the Dhamaka offer begins at 10 am on Friday, March 1. This is a limited period offer, so interested buyers should keep the offer period in mind. After the pre-booking is done, the delivery of the set-top box and ODU will begin after 30 days from the pre-booking date.

The customer will have to make an upfront payment of Rs 499 at the time of pre-booking. Then, at the time of arrival of the DTH setup units, remaining Rs 1,500 will require being paid by the customer. After a total payment of Rs 1,999 will entitle you the first year free of cost as per the offer conditions.

After you enjoy your first free year of channel subscription, the customers will be required to recharge their DTH number with minimum Rs 300 from the second subscription year. The monthly Rs 300 recharges have to continue for the next two years after the first free year, after which the customer will be eligible to receive a cashback of Rs 1,999 in the form of recharge values. This means that at the time of purchase, the total value of Rs 1,999 bought you the set-top box, its ODU, and a free year of channel subscription. Now, from the second year, the monthly recharge of Rs 300 amounts to Rs 7,200 for 2 years, out of which a cashback of Rs 1,999 is refunded to you.

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