Red Nokia 808 Pureview

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I have been using a Nokia N8 for two years now and am looking to upgrade to a new phone. I have my eye on the Nokia 808 Pureview but can only find the white/black versions. Does anyone know how I can get the red version in mumbai/thane?
And before anyone asks, yes I know symbian is "dead", but I still like it, and the 808 is worth the price for its media capabilities itself.
What about using Amazon to import this from USA...if this is an option, how can I do this? The phone being pentaband, it will work on the 3G/HSPA networks here, right?
I also saw a good deal on the phone from, but couldnt find any reviews of this site. Has anyone bought from them before and if yes, how was the experience? Is this site reliable?