Reconfiguring BSNL Dataone SmartAX MT882 Modem


Hi,I am facing problem in getting connected. Let me tell you in detail the issues. I had my BSNL connection disconnected becuase of non payment of bills :-( I was out of station and could not pay the bill and the billing was also incorrect. Now they corrected the bill and gave the connection again (as they say). But by that time i did some experiments and had to reset the modem configuration using the reset button behind the modem. Now when I initially got the BSNL connection, the person who gae me the modem told me that its all configured and I just have to connect and I will get the connection. They told me the user id but did not tell me my password. Now When I am trying to reconfigure it requires the BSNL use id and password. Now I have 2 questions:1. How do I get my password reset. Whom do I call and what is the process?2. Once I get my Password, what all I need to configure on the modem to get connected. Basically the steps. Can someone help. RegardsBijaya


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1. Call 1800 424 1600 and say you cannot connect and don't know the password.
2. Give your telephone number and User ID for BB if different.
3. If you have the old slip with ID and password try it.
4. | - Thinkings of a tinker who thinks he's a thinker check whether you can check your usage with ID and old
password. (IF you get message server down. try later )
Select SmartAx Mt882 for full instructions to connect to Internet & to carry out
your experiments.
6. To check your speed :: Your Guide to Broadband
7. To experiment for Torrent downloads TCP Ip optimiser from same site.
8. To check locally your usage free program Tautology Bandwidth Meter - Internet Traffic Usage Monitor

9. All useful information compiled for easy reference.

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