Re-Transmission of Free-To-Air Channels in India

So, I came across a lot of posts all around the web about Free-To-Air Channels in India. I have gathered that as an individual, if you have the equipment to receive Free-To-Air channels in India, you can do so without having to pay anybody any fee.What I want to do?Now, I am looking at receiving the Free-To-Air channels at my end and then re-transmitting specifically only these Free-To-Air channels for people to access on their mobile phones. This will involve the user downloading a free mobile application for viewing these channels free of charge on their mobile.What I want to know?Through some places on the internet, I have learnt that:"The FTA channel's main source of income is through Advertisement. Some of these channels even pay a fee to the service providers in order to increase their viewer base."Considering this is true, is it legal in India to retransmit (or rebroadcast, whatever it is called) these Free-To-Air channels? This only increases the viewership of the channels and doesn't cost them anything...Will appreciate if someone can throw some light on this!


FTA does not mean that the content on the channel is not copyright protected. You will need permission of the creators of programs / tv channels to rebroadbast in public.Secondly depending upon the choice of your tech to re broadcast you will need to purchase the necessary radio waves / bandwidth from govt after they give you the permission to do so.
Well, I am a newbie and not very good with the terminology used. So let me explain it again and then maybe you can give help me out again.So the plan is to receive the channels at my end on the computer using a TV Tuner/Capture Card. The content that is being played at my end will then be streamed to the users live over the Internet.The user simply clicks on a link at his end and receives the content on his phone. So at least the purchase of radiowaves/bandwidth doesn't come in here.For example, ZengaTV is one such application available for Android Phones, Windows Phones and iPhones that streams live content from leading FTA channels.