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BIG GM chandigarh also uses RDS
I dont have any idea about mumbai radio stations using RDS, cos i m appx. 1500 km away from mumbai. But in Delhi some stataions are using RDS and i m 125 km from delhi and i receive Rds signal from delhi fm stations


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Radio Mirchi 98.3 in Thiruvananthapuram using RDS.:thumbsup:

Really? That's nice! What info does it display on the mobile screen? :eek:

RDS2 starts this year. After 30 years the standard was renewed. Maybe interesting for India: UTF-8 is the new main character set. So is now possible to send eRT (enchanced RadioText) in Hindi or with other characters (like Internet homepages), eRT allows 128 bytes in packet. Also the station name (Long PS) has UTF-8 with 32 bytes. This all with the old chipsets, just software changes - no problem for smartphones.
New chipsets allows 4 times more data over air, also a variant for the internet streaming.
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