Ranthambore National Park


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yup ! me probably gonna be getting the canter which is too big to even go in these routes :p

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Returned yesterday, eneded up with canter was super bumpy and not worth it :

The guy who was to book the tickets did not do it either : no tiger spotted either. I got zone 3.


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chromaniac said:
anyone here has been to Ranthambore National Park? we are planning to go there this weekend and were looking for suggestions!
oh...no then who will take care of this forum then... :rotfl: all definitely miss u...come back soon bro.....by the way its the best place in the country to observe the tiger in its full glory, and that too, in daylight conditions.u r going at the perfect time though and the park is usually closed from June to October for the forests to rejuvenate after the monsoons. Rajasthan toursim also has Hotels to offer u lodging and facilties to provide tiger safari...sawai madhopur is the nearest from there ...so u defineltly have great time there...hope it helps somehow for u in short brief...

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he posted that in 2009 lol :p i continued his thread though :p
since we got irctc tickets discussion going on here too :D
day 1: wait list 2
day 2: wait list 1
say i had booked both for day 1 and 2 and for day 1 i was still stuck in wait list, then full refund is automatic for day 1 ?