If you are getting local IP, i don't think there is now way railwire can open ports as ports are connected to your Public IP, not internal IP.

There is now way you can pay and get static IP with your existing plan with out upgrading to SME plan ?
Hey guys, just found this thread, any updates?
Just switched to Railwire from BSNL two months back, but I was not using my PS4 since then. Just started using it again, had problems, googled it and found this thread. I am getting NAT Type 3. I tried to play multiplayer on Uncharted 4 it shows Found Player and keeps on searching and I get disconnected. I was talking to a friend who uses Railwire in U.P. and he got the ports opened after talking to LCO.

I would not have switched to Railwire if I knew that I will face this problem with Railwire. Getting a decent ping and download and upload speeds are also good.

I think next option for me is to wait for Jio Fibre.
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Hi guys. Had the same issue on my PS4 taking static ip solved the problem for me permanently.

Nat is always Type 2 now tested few games no issues with ping or lags

Thanks for the update, @piratex

I think I'll go for the static IP as well, they are quoting Rs.2500 for it. How many days did it take for them to provision IP for you after submitting the application and payment?
@arun I asked my LCO, they did not have any idea what I am talking about. Then I contacted the local Railwire office, they told me that no ports have been blocked from their side. So I thought the problem was with my router (and I was using wireless connection as well). I tried to give a Static IP to my PS4 from router and then added the same IP to DMZ (De-militarized zone) but was still getting NAT Type 3. Then I thought I should allow specific ports via port forwarding, but there is no port forwarding option in my router, instead there is port triggering. Model is D-link DIR-615 latest one. Now I am thinking to call D-link and ask me to provide a firmware which supports port forwarding. But, I've got exams coming up so will do all these after a few days, but I will keep you guys posted. Meanwhile, now I am able to play online but I have problems sometimes, there is late joining or I get kicked out of the game.

I hope I made sense with all that, I am not savvy about networks and all.
@Tarang Taneja Thank you for the reply but I don't think the router firmware will help you fix the issue. I have tried connecting the GPON Optical Network Unit directly to PS4 through PPoE (i.e. by avoiding the router) and it was still showing up as Type 3. The Last of US Remastered multiplayer doesn't find matches at all and unable to chat with other players as well.

I have applied for static IP as @piratex confirmed that it is working once he got the static IP. I received a reply from RailTel Kerala support that they have forwarded my request to Bangalore office; so hopefully I will be able to make the payment and get the static IP.
Alright Arun I'll try the same thing, but I will have to buy a long long LAN cable. I am not planning to stick with Railwire for long, ₹2500 is for one year right? As soon as a new ISP comes to my area like Jio Fibre, I'll switch. Also, which plan are you using? I am on 2mbps unlimited and I am able to play Uncharted 4, but sometimes there are issues like I get kicked out or I join late. Try with some popular game, The Last of us is too old, may be there are not many players??
@Tarang Taneja

Yes, it is Rs.2500 per year for static IP.

I'm on the 100 mbps 210 GB/month plan.

I am able to find players quickly when I search using other ISPs.

You don't need LAN cable after you get the static IP; you can use your WiFi router as normal.

Is your city in the initial list of cities for Jio Fiber launch? Also is it in the main part of the city? If not, Jio Fiber will be a very long wait.

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