Questions to BSNL FTTH users


1. Does BSNL give out public ip address (like their ADSL connection) or private RFC1918 like all those shitty FTTH cropping up? Double NAT?

2. Does the DHCP lease gets released and renewed each day like ADSL? Hate this!

3. After FUP is reached, is their a webpage to accept post FUP speed. Running any sort of server is no go with this setup.


mayank yadav

1) In my case BSNL has allocated a block of IP addresses to my society and the IP changes whenever you restart your connection. BSNL does not use double nat. So i just use a client to create a hostname and the IP gets updated automatically.

2) No it does not renew and release each day.

3) After FUP is reached, there is a page to accept post FUP speed but now a days BSNL has a unlimited FUP promo running so no issues there. I am not sure how this will affect running a server on your network.
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Is there an option to redirect the syslog to a remote computer?

If it is not exposed in webui is there a telnet interface to grab the connection details?

mayank yadav

Are you talking about the syslog of the server you want to set up on the network? If yes, then you definately can send your syslog to a remote computer

Their is a web UI for the router and it also support telnet.

If this is not what you where trying to ask then can you be more specific.
No, I am talking about the kernel ring buffer messages of the GPON device. It will be useful to send these to a remote syslog server. I currently do this with my ADSL modem, to track the SNR and connect/disconnect times, and other info.

If the GPON device has telnet interface, then i guess this is possible. There are some FTTH providers who are using Syrotech GPON ONU and there does not seem to be any log interface looking at the manual.

mayank yadav

Ok, got it. BSNL has given me a Huawei EchoLife HG850a ONT. It does not have any option to track SNR but it does track connect disconnect times in the GUI. It does have a telnet interface although the commands are limited. I will try to read the kernel ring buffer and let you know.