*** Pune's Best Broadband? Your Opinion About Isps In Pune ***

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Hello Techi Junta!Please share your expeience related to Broadband providers in Pune. Pl List: your carrier-satisfaction level in terms of--->Quality of Service iSpeed of ServiceCustomer Service Trouble shooting help proved in DowntimeInstallation/billing/serviec issuesQos router availability/modem quality and flexibility of settings etc.Monthly/Installation chargesOverall your opinion compared to other options available.In additon, if anyone is using a VOIP connection to make/receive phone calls using broadband at your home, pl share your experience. I myself have a sify connection at home that is nothing more than an ethernet connection and I have had many issues in terms of downtime(their router is connected to comman power supply in our building coming out of lift box. Many times the maintainance guys turn the lifts off and there goes my internet connection!)Customer service is almost non existant, sify promises to fix something, send someone at home to check things and nothing works out. Sometimes the connection is down for days. Lastly, I tried to use a VOIP device but it seems like sify blocked all SIP ports from their firewall! Overall I will not recommend sify to anyone. I am fade up and about to change the carrier. Your input is valueable. Pl write!Thanks a lot for reading:) keep smiling!

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