PSA: New Airtel SIM cards dont require FRC don't fall for them



I got banned!
When you buy new Airtel SIM or port to their network then you don't require your FRC(First Recharge Coupon) from airtel store or recharge shops. You can pay online and get full benefits.

Both airtel store and customer care will lie about it.
Last month i ported to their network and yesterday i bought new SIM from them, did first recharge online both times and i got all the benefits.

Airtel store lies to you because they get commission from every recharge done from their shop.
Infact they charge more than actual recharge amount because of their commission.
When i asked for their 448 plan they said that since my SIM is new then i will have to pay extra Rs50 because prepaid promise plan(448) is for existing customers which is a ABSOLUTE LIE.
Even customer care will say that your first recharge should be from the shop(not extra amount) which is also not true.

Another benefit of online recharge is that you get cashback from different site/wallet.
I did Rs448 recharge and got Rs75 cashback from airtel payment bank.

If you are still not sure then you can do online recharge of Rs10 and you can see that you get Rs7 from it. It will confirm that your SIM is ready to use and doesn't require FRC.

I hope this post gets to google search so that people don't get conned by their ponzy scehme.