Privacy is now a Fundamental Right in India!


Star gazer
Jul 3, 2006
This is going to be fun as well as interesting.

expecting more and more lawsuit against data collection agencies.


Oct 29, 2004
Delhi High Court issues notice in plea against loudspeakers at religious places

The Delhi High Court today issued notice to the Central Government in a plea seeking removal of loudspeakers from religious places on the ground that such practice violates the right to be left alone which is a part of the right to privacy laid down by the Supreme Court.
The petitioner has contended that,

“After research, the petitioner has reached the conclusion that the Right to being left alone, which is the foundation of the privacy ruling, has made use of loudspeakers atop religious structures, encroachment and violation to one’s fundamental rights to privacy which is protected as an intrinsic part of the right to life and personal liberty under Article 21”

The petitioner has claimed that all the major religions in the country are far more older than the practice of having loudspeakers atop religious places.

“Hinduism is 4000 years old, Jainism is 2600 years old, Buddhism is 2500 years old, Christianity is 2000 years old, Islam is 1400 years old, Sikhism is 500 years old and on another hand the moving coil current loudspeakers are not even 100 years old. Thus, it’s beyond doubt that loudspeakers were never part of any of the religions.”

It is also stated in the petition that since loudspeakers are not part of/ intrinsic to any of the religions, banning loudspeakers will not violate Article 25 or 26 of the Constitution.